Adding Links to Widgets

How Do I Make A Link Inside The Text Widget?

We’re faced with the same issue as the last question, there are no text editing tools inside the Widget area.  We’ll have to use HTML code to create a link for the visitor to click.  Before creating the link, make sure you have the URL of where you want to link to.

The HTML code we are going to use is <a href=””>Text You Want Linked</a>

To break this down, the anchor tag


tells the browser hey, this is the beginning of a link.  The


tells the browser where the link will take a visitor.  Remember to tell the browser to shift gears by adding a closing bracket > after the link and quotes.

The text between the anchor tags, Text You Want Linked, will be the link your visitor sees.   And finally, you need to tell the browser to end the link with a closing anchor tag.


While this may look complicated, as an example, we could create a link to Google.

Look up movie quotes on <a href=””>Google</a>.

Will give you:

Look up movie quotes on Google.