How to Create a Simple Photo Gallery

Photo galleries are a great way to show a group of related photos on your website.  WordPress has a Create Gallery Media Library tool within the to help you create that first simple photo gallery.  Here are the steps:

Creating a Simple Photo Gallery

A photo gallery can go anywhere you’d like within a Page or Post or on a Page by itself.  Place your cursor where you want your gallery to appear and click into that spot.

Click the Add Media button

Once you’ve placed your cursor where your want to have your image gallery, click on the Add Media button to open the Media Uploader.


Create a Gallery link.

In the popup window, click the Create a Gallery option from the list on the left.  You’ll be brought to the Create Gallery page.  This is where you can click on all the images you want to add in your gallery.  If the images are not in your Media Library yet, no worries, just click on the blue Upload Files to upload your images.

Once you’ve selected your images, click on the blue Create a new gallery button in the lower right corner of the screen.

You’ll be brought to the Edit Gallery screen.

Edit Gallery

Edit Gallery screenshot.

From the Edit Gallery screen, you can give your images captions, click and drag to re-arrange the order and remove an image from the gallery.  If you decide to remove an image from the gallery, just click the X on that image.  No worries, you will not be removing the image from the Media Library.  You can use images you upload and images already in your Media Library by clicking on the Add to Gallery link on the left.

In the Gallery Settings, you can decide if the image links to its Attachment Page, Media Page or not have a link.  You can decide on the number of columns and if the images will be in a random order each time your gallery is loaded in a browser.  You can also decide if the image in your gallery will be Thumbnail, Medium, Large or Full Size.

Once you have your photos in the right order and the settings done, you are almost there.  Click on the blue Insert Gallery link at the bottom right corner of the screen.  The gallery will then be inserted in your Page or Post and you’ll see something like this:

Simple photo gallery in Page or Post.

If you want to make any changes to your gallery, click on the pencil.  To remove the gallery, click on the X.  If you’re happy with the gallery on your Page, click the Publish or Update button to save your changes.