Creating a New Page in WordPress

With sufficient administrative privileges, WordPress gives you a couple of ways to create a page from the Dashboard.

Create A New Page

Creating a new page from the left and side menus.
By clicking on the New link at the top of the page in the black menu bar or by clicking on Pages in the left sidebar, you will have the option of creating a new page.

In the top menu bar, you are automatically telling WordPress to create something new.  In this case, it’s a new page.  With the sidebar, when you click the Pages, you get two choices, see all your pages or create a New Page.

Adding the Title

By choosing the new Page from the top menu or the side menu, you will create a new page that will look like this:

Creating a new page - adding the title.

Adding the Content

When this new page is created, your cursor automatically lands in the first box under Add New Page.  This is where you put the title of your page.  Below the text editing tools is where you add your content.

Creating a new page - adding the page content.

Pages are used for content on your website that doesn’t change too often, your About, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Directions and Contact information.

You can also organize your pages by topic or category.  For example:

  • Trees
    • Birch
    • Fruit
      • Apple
      • Pear
    • Maple
    • Oak
    • Pine