How To Install A Plugin

Plugin menu.

In order to install a plugin, first be sure you are using the self-hosted  These steps will also apply to you if you have the Business plan at  As of this writing, the Business Plan is the only option which allows you to install plugins.

You can find plugins online in the WordPress Plugin Repository or in your dashboard under Plugins (located between Appearance and Users).  When you hover over the Plugin link, a sub-menu pops up giving you the options to see your Installed Plugins and to a Add New plugin to your website.  Ignore the Editor link – that is for more advanced developers.

Plugin Page

Either click on the Installed Plugins page or click on the Add New from the drop down menu.  You’ll be brought to your list of plugins currently in use or available to use in your website.  All your plugins are listed with a horizontal submenu of how many plugins you have, how many are active and inactive.  You can also search your installed plugins using the Search installed plugins… box.

When looking at your list of plugins, you’ll see something like this:

Sample of Plugin page.


Install a plugin using the Add New Button or Add New Link.

Adding A Plugin to Your Website

To add a new plugin to your website, click on the Add New button next to the Plugins page title or under Appearance » Add New.

You will be brought to the Add Plugins Page.  This is where you can search for a plugin by Keyword, Author or Tag.

Search for a plugin using keyword, author or tag.




Plugin Install Now button.Once you found the plugin you are looking for, click on the Install Now button next to the plugin you want to install.  WordPress will install the plugin for you.  After the installation, you’ll see a success message with a link to Activate the Plugin or Return to the Plugin Installer.

To make the plugin work, click on the blue Activate button to activate and start using the plugin.

Plugin Activate link.

The next step may be to configure the plugin.  These configurations, if any , vary between plugins and is not covered here.