More On Widgets

Drag & Drop a Widget

Sidebar widget showing drag and drop.If you want to reorder your widgets, it is as simple as dragging and dropping from one part of the Widgets page to the other.

If you hover a Widget, either in the Available Widgets column or in one of the Widget Areas (sidebar, footer or header), your cursor will change to a four sided directional arrow.

You can then click and hold to drag and drop. Using this feature, you can reorder the widgets within a sidebar, header or footer Widget area.

You can also click and hold to drag a Widget from the list of Available Widgets to the Widget Area where you want the Widget to appear.

Removing a Widget

Removing a widget from a Widget Area can be done two ways.

  1. You can drag and drop the Widget into the Available Widgets area.
  2. You can open the Widget and click the red Remove link on the bottom left of the Widget.

Check Your Work

After moving widgets where you want them, be sure to take a look at your site to see how they are looking in the page or post.  If it not quite right, go back and make adjustments as necessary.

Saving Customized Widgets

But what if you have made changes to the Widget and don’t want to lose those changes by putting the Widget back into the Available Widgets or by deleting the Widget from your Widget Area?

Inactive Widgets keeps settings while not using the widget.Below the Available Widgets area on the left is an area for Inactive Widgets. This is where you can store Widgets you have customized (such as the Text Widget) for later use.  When you’re ready to start using the Inactive Widget, just drag and drop it into the Widget Area where you would like it to appear.  This change is automatically saved for you.